RBG or Ryan  Barton -Grimley



Ryan Barton-Grimley, or "RBG" as his colleagues refer to him(he swears he was the original) was born in Harare, Zimbabwe... For the uninitiated, that's in south central Africa... Yeah, Africa. Anyway, after years of battling blood-thirsty lions, mad wilder-beasts and humorless locals, he and his immediate family packed up and moved to the USA, specifically Encino California, at the height of its cultural influence in the late 80's. Fresh off the boat, RBG proceeded to do time at various public and private institutions, almost getting nine different bachelors degrees and finally graduating from UCLA with a prestigious and meaningful Art History degree. This astounding feat of academic excellence led to a starring role in the not-so-acclaimed indie feature film TROPIX and supporting roles in CRIMINAL MINDS and a Fox Movie of the Week, THE PRICE OF LOVE. Yeah... remember when they made those? Anyway, burned out on fame and fortune, RBG chose to slide further down the rabbit-hole, writing and directing the internationally acclaimed home invasion thriller... THE TRUTH... Starring the likes of... John Heard, Brendan Sexton III, Erin Cardillo and Daniel Baldwin. This stunning piece of independent cinema was distributed worldwide, much to the chagrin of film critics everywhere and was one of the most pirated films on the Internet in the three weeks preceding its release. After a short stint in the advertising world, making painfully funny commercials for major brands and pitching mash-ups of 80's hits and horror films all over town to literally anyone who would listen... RBG returned to his indie film roots, starring in and producing Douglas Mueller's extremely well reviewed debut feature film... REPATRIATION, as well as, directing and starring in the film festival darling... ELIJAH'S ASHES... a dark comedy about brotherly love and homophobia. Both films had long and healthy festival runs and were distributed worldwide, despite having very low budgets and no stars. But most importantly... RBG rediscovered why he started this journey in the first place. High as a kite and packed to the gills with renewed passion for his craft, RBG took on the mammoth task of writing, producing, directing and starring in his fourth and fifth feature films... HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS... an 80's inspired horror-comedy about "kicking vampire ass and taking vampire names" and... BABY MONITOR... a mind-bending psychological horror that will make "new parents" everywhere cringe at the the mere mention of a baby monitor! Both of these projects are currently being polished and buffed up like beautiful new cars, just waiting to make their way onto the showroom floor. Lastly... keep an eye out for RBG performing improv at various dark and shady theaters, especially at The Groundlings. Heck, you may even see him at your local coffee shop around the corner, nose deep in a laptop, writing some crazy new thing he can't wait to unleash on the world! Feel free to say "hi" to him as he doesn't bite... he swears... Well, unless he's playing a vampire. You get the idea! RBG thanks you for your time!